Tallgrass Weather Solutions is owned and operated by Chris Vagasky, a meteorologist with more than 10 years of experience in helping people prepare for and respond to the weather. He holds a bachelor’s degree in operational meteorology and a master’s degree in applied meteorology, both from Mississippi State University. His master’s research focused on lightning in the eyewall of tropical cyclones, resulting in the discovery of the Enveloped Eyewall Lightning Signature. Chris believes in creating custom solutions for his clients that are based in science.

He is an active member of both the National Weather Association (NWA) and the American Meteorological Society (AMS). Chris graduated from the first class of the AMS Early Career Leadership Academy (ECLA) and now serves on the Publications and Remote Sensing Committees for the NWA, the Planning Committee for AMS ECLA, and chaired the AMS Planning Commission Task Force on Leadership Development. He is currently a lightning data and safety specialist for the National Lightning Safety Council.

Our Core Beliefs

Scientific Leadership



Let’s get Weather-Ready.

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